In memoriam Jos Vanroy

stage Jos Vanroy 2015



We hebben vernomen dat Jos Vanroy op zondag 6 januari 2019 een definitief besluit over zijn leven heeft genomen. Hij zag geen uitweg meer en nam een beslissing die we moeten accepteren.

Jos is vanaf het prille begin betrokken geweest bij onze dojo in Maastricht. Lange tijd kwam hij op de vrijdagavonden vanuit Genk naar Maastricht om er les te geven en regelmatig verzorgde hij er stages op zondagen. Ook later - toen onze dojo een eigen aikidoweg ging bewandelen - kwam hij naar Maastricht om er stages te geven - en soms ook te volgen.

Dit jaar heeft hij nog enkele lessen verzorgd in onze dojo. Steeds op zijn karakteristieke ontspannen en humorvolle wijze kon hij je wijzen op de eenvoud - het natuurlijke van aikidobewegingen. Hij was wars van spectaculaire bewegingen en speciale effecten. Hij behield steeds zijn onderzoekende geest en maakte af en toe uitstapjes naar andere aikidovormen en krijgskunsten. 

We zullen Jos missen.

Welkom bij
Aikido Maastricht

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How do we see Aikido?

Aikido Maastricht bestaat al meer dan 20 jaar. Ons adres is: De Duitse Poort 13a in Maastricht.

Onze dojo is een plek waar aikido geoefend, bestudeerd en ontwikkeld wordt.
Er worden de traditionele aikidotechnieken beoefend. De nadruk ligt echter op het beoefenen van de aikidoprincipes en het toepassen van deze principes in je dagelijkse leven. Het anders omgaan met conflict en weerstand, maar ook het leren "zijn" in het hier-en-nu zonder te oordelen.

Ons inzicht in de krijgskunst aikido is niet statisch en is in de loop der tijd veranderd. Lees meer hierover.

Aikido dans of krijgskunst

aikido da of kr

Zolang de voorraad strekt!
Het boekje is te verkrijgen in de dojo.

Prijs 12,50 euro
(excl. verzendkosten)


Miles Kessler, The evolution of response

Een mooi inspirerend artikel over Aikido in een breder kader is:
The evolution of Response van Miles Kessler

Laatst toegevoegde artikelen:

Het belang van wapens in aikido
De gelegenheid maakt de dief

Aikido Hakim

Elements from Hakim on Vimeo.

Miles Kessler biography

Miles Kessler Sensei is a teacher of Aikido (6th Dan, Aikikai), Vipassana meditation and Integral Practice. He is a dual lineage holder in the Japanese “Iwama Aikido” tradition and the Burmese “Mahasi” school of Vipassana meditation.


Miles lived in Japan for 8 years training at the famous Iwama dojo under the guidance of Morihiro Saito Sensei, serving for one year as Iwama dojo "uchi-deshi" (live-in apprentice). He began teaching Aikido while in Japan and has taught extensively in Asia, New Zealand, Europe, the Mid-East and the United States. In 2005 Miles moved to Israel to live and teach.

Miles is the founder of “Aikido Without Borders”, a non-profit committed to countering cultures of violence through children’s aikido programs in disadvantaged communities in Israeli and Palestine.

In 2009 Miles founded the Integral Dojo - Tel Aviv, a center committed to supporting individuals and the culture they live in towards greater growth and integration through practices engaging the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Vipassana meditation

Since 1995 Miles has been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation in the Mahasi tradition of Burma. He lived at the Panditarama International Meditation center for 2 years, practicing under the guidance of his preceptor Sayadaw U Pandita. In 2005 Miles completed his formal Vipassana training in the Mahasi tradition under the guidance of Sayadaw U Vivekananda at the Panditarama Int. Meditation center in Lumbini, Nepal.

Miles regularly leads Aikido seminars, meditation retreats, and Integral Practice workshops in Israel, Europe and the U.S.

Costs Aikido classes

Costs of the Aikido classes at Aikido Maastricht

Below you can find the cost of aikido classes at Aikido Maastricht.    
•    For adults: 35 euros per month 
•    For youths: 20 euros per month

If you pay automatically we offer a discount of 5 € per months.

Students and employees of University of Maastricht

Students of the UM: Aikido 10 euro a month or 75 euro a year

Employees of the Maastricht University: 30 euro per month

For more info see: http://mindfulness-maastricht.nl/university-maastricht

For registration or questions use this form

Discount for automatic payment
If you pay automatically we offer a discount of 5 € per months (This discount is not applicable for students of the UM).

With automatic payment you need to ensure that the monthly payment will be made around the same date every month. You can easily arrange this at your bank by
•    Filling  in the date on which the payment is to be made
•    And under the headline: “How often (the payment must be made)”: fill in “monthly”. 
From then your account will be charged monthly with the amount you need to pay. You can undo this anytime.

Please send the contribution to IBAN: NL 83 TRIO 01985 63 655 under the name of “SeeTrue te Noorbeek”. Don’t forget to state your name and the month of contribution.

How do we see Aikido

We offer an extensive training schedule (See schedule here):
•    for adults two classes per week
•    for youth once a week

We are constantly working on deepening and developing Aikido.
Aikido for us is more than a Martial Art. It is moreover developing a way to living.

Studying Aikido contains:
•    Martial techniques
•    Dealing with resistance
•    Harmonizing conflict

Aikido as a way of life is the search for:
•    inner and outer peace
•    freedom and relaxation
•    authenticity
•    feeling your innermost core
•    connection with yourself, the people around you and the universe

On a regular basis we invite inspiring aikido teachers as Jos Vanroy , Patrick Cassidy and Miles Kessler. Occasionally we also host aikido courses with teachers like Robert Nadeau – Shihan, Richard Moon -sensei and Kitabu Roshi.

Translation introduction


The Way of a Warrior is based on humanity, love and sincerity; the heart of martial valor is true bravery, wisdom, love, and
friendship. Emphasis on the physical aspects of the Martial Art is futile, for the power of the body is always limited.

Morihei Ueshiba (Founder of Aikido)

Welcome to Aikido Maastricht

Aikido Maastricht already exists for over 20 years. Our address is: De Duitse Poort 13a in Maastricht.
Our dojo is a place where we practice, study and develop Aikido.
Though we are practicing traditional Aikido techniques our focus is lying on the practice of Aikido principles and how to apply these principles in your daily life. The classes show a different approach to conflict and resistance, but also include to learn "being" in the here and now without judgement.
Our understanding of the martial art of Aikido is not static. It has changed over time. Read more about this.


A beautiful and inspiring article about Aikido in a broader context: The Evolution of Response, Miles Kessler
Latest article: Momentbewustzijn