Costs of the Aikido classes at Aikido Maastricht

Below you can find the cost of aikido classes at Aikido Maastricht.    
•    For adults: 35 euros per month 
•    For youths: 20 euros per month

If you pay automatically we offer a discount of 5 € per months.

Students and employees of University of Maastricht

Students of the UM: Aikido 10 euro a month or 75 euro a year

Employees of the Maastricht University: 30 euro per month

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For registration or questions use this form

Discount for automatic payment
If you pay automatically we offer a discount of 5 € per months (This discount is not applicable for students of the UM).

With automatic payment you need to ensure that the monthly payment will be made around the same date every month. You can easily arrange this at your bank by
•    Filling  in the date on which the payment is to be made
•    And under the headline: “How often (the payment must be made)”: fill in “monthly”. 
From then your account will be charged monthly with the amount you need to pay. You can undo this anytime.

Please send the contribution to IBAN: NL 83 TRIO 01985 63 655 under the name of “SeeTrue te Noorbeek”. Don’t forget to state your name and the month of contribution.